Narrowbody aircraft offer increased capacity and range with options for newer, more fuel efficient engine variants.

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Crossover aircraft represent new technology that improves range and capacity without compromising service to small airports.


Regional aircraft serve smaller city pairs, providing critical infrastructure to hub and spoke networks and connecting underserved areas.

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We focus on well-established aircraft types as well as next-generation technology with improved capabilities.

Our Market

Seats up to 104
Range up to 1,620 nm


Bombardier CRJ1000

Seats up to 90
Range up to 1,550 nm

Bombardier CRJ900

Seats up to 78
Range up to 1,370

Bombardier CRJ700

Seats up to 90
Range up to 2,000 nm


Embraer E175

Seats up to 88
Range up to 2,200 nm

Embraer E175E2

Seats up to 78
Range up to 2,150 nm

Embraer E170

Regional Jet

Seats up to 150
Range up to 3,400 nm

Airbus A220-300

Seats up to 120
Range up to 3,450 nm

Airbus A220-100

Seats up to 146
Range up to 2,600 nm

Embraer E195 E2

Seats up to 124
Range up to 2,300 nm

Embraer E195 E1 

Seats up to 114
Range up to 2,450 nm

Embraer E190 E1


Seats up to 114
Range up to 2,850 nm

Embraer E190 E2

Seats up to 220
Range up to 3,230 nm

Boeing 737 Family

Seats up to 180
Range up to 3,400 nm

Airbus A320 Family


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